Meet Abby Risic

Meet Abby Risic

Hi, my name is Abby Risic and I am @makingitwithabby. I am a wife, and mom of 4. I have a mechanical engineering degree, and now, I am a published author!

I've always had an interest in how things work and enjoyed assembling things as a kid. My journey truly began about 10 years ago but the bulk of my knowledge comes from the last couple of years when I started taking on home projects. Like everything in life learning a new skill takes practice. You cant stress when everything isn't perfect. 

I have written my book "A Beginner’s Guide to DIY" to help you get started on your DIY projects and hopefully be able to avoid some of the mistakes I made and learned along the way. You will learn safety, the best tools to start with, flipping furniture, and my top 10 projects to begin your DIY journey. 
I am passionate about using my social media channels to teach and inspire others to learn a new skill and be proud of those accomplishments. My work has been in Architectural Digest and The Spruce and I am working towards other magazine spreads and a Home Improvement TV Show. 

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I love watching you work

Ruth Taylor

You are amazing! I don’t do home projects but love watching you! You go girl!

Patti Evenson

Your awesome!

Aida Contreras

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