Meet Ashlee Keene

Meet Ashlee Keene

Hi! My name is Ashlee Keene, the owner of The Sassy Barn. I am an avid DIY’er, a published author and a small shop owner. I am from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and am currently residing in Pinedale, Wyoming.

I started The Sassy Barn in 2017 on Instagram after deciding to expand my small shop to social media. While running my small shop I was renovating a 1970 farmhouse and sharing my journey on IG. From there, my Instagram turned into more than just a small shop but a place where people came to watch my DIYs and learn. 

In my e-book, Stenciled, I will teach you stenciling from walls to floors and everything in-between with my Insta-famous methods to achieve a high-price look for less. 

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