Meet Hailey Becnel

Meet Hailey Becnel

My name is Hailey but you may know me as TheCleaningChannel on Instagram.

I am a part-time x-ray technician and a full-time mother of two children and two dogs and now a published author. I am a wife to my loving husband Blake of 5 years.

Somehow, I know a lot about cleaning … I am not a professional housekeeper ... I've never worked any job related to cleaning. I didn’t grow up with parents who forced me to scrub the toilet before going on bike rides with friends, I just think I am just an odd bird who really enjoys it.

Now that I have done it for so long I have become rather good at it. Maybe like going on a walk or a nice bike ride for some. I’d rather be mopping! The satisfaction of a clean and tidied space brings me joy. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time doing it. I have learned so many things from my trials and many, many errors. 

I look forward to sharing all my techniques with all of you.  

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