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The Sassy Barn

Eat Til It Hurts - Fall Edition

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In this kitchen, we Eat Til It Hurts

Ashlee Keene is the owner of The Sassy Barn. She is a mom, wife, and business owner with a passion for creating, whether in the kitchen or DIY. Ashlee's love for cooking started in her grandmother's kitchen and since 2018 she's been sharing recipes on her blog for you to enjoy.

In this cookbook, Ashlee shares cozy fall recipes, tips, tricks, and some sweet memories of cooking with her grandmothers.  

Easy Breakfast Recipes
Homebody Barista Drinks
Soup of the Day
Slow Cooker Meals
Room for Dessert?
Freezer Tips

Eat Til It Hurts - Fall Edition is a 48-page e-book that will be delivered immediately via e-mail upon purchase.