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Unpacked Publishing

Custom Promotional E-book

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Influence with e-books.

It's time to Fill Your Funnel!

An e-book is a valuable lead magnet and addition to any conversion funnel. 

Your time is money. Sure, you could spend it creating an e-book for your funnel. But, why waste your time working out the details when there is a done-for-you solution?

Purchase a promotional e-book from Unpacked Publishing. You will receive a fully customized, professionally designed, and edited e-book to add to your funnel. 

Your e-book will be 5-10 pages long, includes a cover, and three mock-up images to use for marketing the e-book.

PLEASE NOTE: After purchase, you will receive a digital file containing a link to fill out a Google Form. This form gathers the information we need to get started. 

Current time from purchase to completion of promotional e-books is 7-14 days. 

*E-book will be for promotional use only. Not for sale.

If you want to create an e-book to sell, contact us for details!