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Cooking with Rocco


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More than twenty sauce recipes, pasta pairings, and serving ideas.

4 bonus recipes including one irresistible dessert.

Learn how to fill your pantry for Italian cooking, what tools you need, and other important instructions.

 Do you ever have a pasta dish at a restaurant and immediately wish you were able to cook that for yourself or the ones you love? When you fantasize about being able to re-create that dish, do you also talk yourself into thinking there is no way YOU can cook it as well as that restaurant?

Rocco Gizzo is as NYC as they come. From his accent to his kitchen Rocco brings a slice of the Big Apple to everything he does. 

Rocco's debut cookbook, SAWCE, is an easy-to-follow guide for anyone looking to make incredible Italian dishes at home. With homemade pasta, over twenty different sauces. and four bonus recipes you are sure to please any crowd.

SAWCE is a 45-page e-book that will be delivered via email immediately upon completion of purchase.