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The Dirty Details

The Dirty Details

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The Dirty Details is your ultimate guide to spring cleaning.

Hailey Becnel and Morgan Flores have been cleaning and organizing online for years. Each of them brings their own unique twist and value to teaching you how to keep your house in order.

Hailey Becnel, author of Keeping It Clean, is a working mom, wife, and creator living in Florida with her family. Hailey reminds her followers daily of tasks they can do to stay on track and have a clean house without feeling like they are constantly cleaning.

Morgan Flores, two-two time author, mother, wife, student, and entrepreneur is known for her “tap to tidy” Instagram stories and easy-to-follow cleaning and organizing methods. Morgan’s books, Zone Tidying and Cleaning Cards have given hundreds of homes a refresh and sparkle.

The Dirty Details leverages the best of Hailey and Morgan merging instructions, lists, guides, and reminders from The Cleaning Channel and Morganized Living. 

The Dirty Details is a 24 page e-book that will be delivered via e-mail immediately after purchase.